Thursday, December 31, 2009

32nd Birthday--Ouch!

We it's official, I am now 32! That is hard to say out loud but it's true. The kids woke up and wanted to make me breakfast in bed but Steve and I were still in bed and wanted to stay there. So we hear them planning everything in the hallway. They try so hard and succeed in trying to please me. They had it planned that I would have mush, pancakes, juice, toast and something else. When they came in to show me the menu, I blew all their plans by telling them we were out of eggs, so no pancakes and we were out of bread so no toast. About 20 min later they came in with some blueberry mush that they had taken out of the package and microwaved. Best breakfast ever!!!

The kids continued to be great all day. About noon they went to the store for those eggs and came home with a cake mix and a present that I had to go on a scavanger hunt to find. Damen gave me one clue, "it's on the laundry room door." that was all I needed I walked over and found a coat rack thingy! I loved it and was so in need of one.

I wish I had my camera to take pictures of my next present. I proceeded to watch the kids make me a cake with Dad. All 3 were on the bar stools dumping in their ingredient and then all licked the beaters and spatuala you should have seen Railey's face and shirt and sleeves. What a mess but well worth it. They cooked it, cooled it and then proceeded to frost and throw (litterally, I found them everywhere) sprinkles on the cake. Can I tell you it was the most beautiful, tasty cake I have ever had in my life. All because my kids and husband made it for me and they have never done that before.

We played games all night watched a movie on tv and went to bed before 10, it was a great day.

Oh yea, we even went up and visited with Mom and Dad before they headed back down to Richfield they were anxious to get home and mom is feeling a lot better now.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Handmade Christmas

So this year for Christmas, Mom and Dad gave us some money and in return said we couldn't buy them anything so we were out to make them something fun. I made a tree out of all our hands and quilted it onto a big square it turned out quite cute, I just didn't get a picture yet when I do I will post it. But to go along with it Steve wrote this poem. It is amazing and I couldn't help but post it, I think we might even send it in to the Ensign, we'll see. But here it is:

The very first experience of Baby Jesus was the warmth of gentle hands helping him through the birth process, cleaning him, and wrapping him in swaddling clothes. Loving hands snuggled him close to a mother who pondered his godhood in her heart. Strong and obedient hands protected him as an infant from the savage brutality of a jealous king. Parental hands guided him as he grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man. Prophetic hands yearned to be baptized of him. yet consented to lay him under the water to fulfill all righteousness.

His hands would go about doing good. His beckoning hands invited fisherman to become fishers of men. His merciful hands would heal those who sought him in faith. His shepherding hands would brake bread and feed thousands. His comforting hands would hold two sisters that wept at the death of their brother, wipe their tear stained cheeks, and then, in Godly confidence, call him from the grave. His strong hands would rebuke those that would make his Fathers house a den of thieves, yet give grace to the women taken in adultery by writing in the sand.

The time came for his hands to pick up that cup which the Father had given him. Grateful hands would anoint him with oil. Crowds of hands would raise and wave palm branches at his return to Jerusalem. Wicked hands would sell their souls for thirty pieces of silver. His hands, and his soul, would tremble and bleed from every pore and beg the Father for another way. Angelic hands would come to give strength and comfort. Legions of satanic hosts would unleash hell, in all its depth and fury, upon hands that humbly offered, never the less not my will, but thine be done.

Cruel hands would strip Him of his raiment, whip him, and force a crown of thorns upon His head. Judgmental hands would mock and condemn Him as he carried His cross up Golgotha's Hill. Roman hands would drive nails through the palms of His hands spread wide as eternity and through his feet to secure him to the cross. Unknowing hands would raise His cross with the handwritten inscription, King of the Jews, above His head. His final words, Father into thy hands I commend my spirit.

Friendly hands would take His lifeless body from the cross and prepare it for burial. Hardened hands would cause the tomb to be sealed with a stone. For three days mourning hands would lament his loss. Then those glad tiding of great joy spoken by angelic lips as they beckoned with their hands toward the tomb, "Why seek ye the living among the dead. He is not here but is risen." Joyful apostolic hands gathered and felt the wounds in His hands and in His side and in His feet, and thus became a living witness to the glorious resurrected Lord.

May your hands find moments this season to be still and ponder on the hands that make Christmas.

I love this, Steve is very humble about it but it makes me ponder on how am I using my hands. Am I using them for good or evil?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009 Happenings

This has been a very eventful Christmas. Not that we have had tons of parties (just the temple party) but I think everyone has gotten sick. It all started with Steve on Monday throwing up. We went with the Bradshaws up to Gardner Village anyway without him. Here's a few photos of the kids up there.

Kids looking at what candy stick they wanted after having earned them from finding all the elves.

All 4 kids that went, minus Railey, with an elf in the back.

Railey came down sick on Tuesday Night and was feeling better by Wednesday afternoon when we got a call saying Mom was coming up in an ambulance from Richfield. Her heart rate had dropped way low when taking some medicine. Once up here they decided to do surgery the next morning, Christmas Eve, then on Christmas eve after surgery they decided she needed a pace maker put in so they did that the next Day that's right on Christmas morning. She's doing well and should be out of the hospital by now.

It was on Christmas Eve night that I came down sick with the flu but not before taking these pictures of the kids anticipating Santa's arrival.
The boys got out the cookies and juice (it's much healthier) for Santa.

Seth looking and waiting for Santa they actually did see a red light flashing in the sky.
Putting out the cookies and juice along with a note to Santa with several questions.

All three "boys" looking for Santa

Tracking where Santa was on the Internet. Santa wonderful.

Then on Christmas morning I lay on the couch trying to hold down my cookies and keep from running to the bathroom while the kids loved what Santa had brought them.

Damen with socks and a scooter

Seth with everything from Santa, scooter, socks, stocking with chips and yep there's me in the back laying on the couch.

Railey with doll and stroller she would look at the camera but only after we would take the picture.

Dad and Damen playing monopoly (the hit of Christmas)

While Seth and I lay sick on the couches watching them have fun.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Damen's First Scouting Award

Well after having to wait an extra month because the wood floors were being finished last month, Damen was able to receive his first award at Pack Meeting. He earned his Bobcat as well as his Heritage pin and belt loop. He was so excited. Steve had to run up to pick his mom up in Boise, so had to hurry back to make it, but he was there and Damen was just glowing with excitement.

Here he is with us, doesn't he look handsome in his uniform?

Here he is attempting to pin on the mother's pin. Mom had to help a lot with this.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Damen's Baptism

Damen our oldest child was baptized on October 31, 2009. He was so excited to be baptized, and in our opinion was ready and understands more than we know what he was about to do. We sure do love him and are excited for this step he has taken. It was a beautiful day and not just the weather. We had the baptism then everyone came over for some soup and bread. It was good to see and feel everyone's support.Here's our family picture taken right before the baptism.

Here's Dad and Mom with our baptism boy.

Here's Dad and son. I think Dad was just as nervous, if not more so than Damen.
Ya know I have seen baptisms on my mission and after working so hard with people to see them make that choice was humbling and amazing, but none were as special as seeing your own son be baptised there was just something even more incredible than can be described

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finally Did It

Well we finally did it we finally joined all of you bloggers out there and started our own. I am mainly doing this so that I don't have to scrapbook and yet I can take lots of pictures and know what they are about 10 years down the road. I also want to start recording some of the fun things our kids are doing. So as of now no one has access and who knows how long that will stay but I want to start this mainly for our kids in the future and to keep our own family history. Here's to hoping that I keep it up. I guess we will soon see.