Monday, June 28, 2010

Some Things Will Never Change

Last week we had all of the workers in the baptistry over for a BBQ. One of the couples is headed on a mission and another had to be done since they just had their first baby. Anyway, it was a lot of fun and a LOT more relaxed than the Christmas party. I don't know if it was because it was outside, or the games or what but we had a great time and I think everyone else did too. I was over talking to the couple going on a mission when suddenly, I couldn't tell you how, they started talking about this cute girl that used to be in their old ward and how she had given the wife a hug but not him and how he got offended by it. Well offended might not be the right word, but lets say he really, really wished she would have hugged him too. The wife is telling the story and he leans over to me and say, "Now this girl is gorgeous, no I mean this girl is drop dead gorgeous, she is quite the looker." I was shocked at first I thought oh maybe she's a teenager, but then when I asked how old he says, "oh she's 45, old enough to be my daughter." By this point I am laughing so hard. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Here is a man that has been in bishoprics, a stake president, served down at the MTC and now about to go on a mission and he and his wife are laughing about how cute this "girl" is and how upset he was that she didn't give him a hug. Well I guess he called her up and asked her to come to the farewell because he was sure he could get one there.

That's not all by this time tears are streaming down my face, I am in shock at what I am hearing these older couples talk about (there are now 4 couples sitting around us) and then they start talking about going to the Ute stampede in Nephi and watching all the "bathing beauties" the new the best places to watch the parade (I'm guessing for the best lighting :). They even new the dates and one guy asked for a reminder phone call Atlanta, where they are going to be serving.

But it was all topped off when our mission couple started talking about how his father in law told him one day that if he ever stopped looking at girls that would mean he was dead or blind and if he wasn't blind and had stopped than to just start sprinkling dirt on him to bury him cause life wouldn't be worth living if he couldn't turn his head and look at a pretty girl.

Lets just say I was in shock!!! I was laughing hard!!! And yes on Sunday I had to teach about Elder Hollands conference talk all on Pornography. What can you say but as men get older some thing will never change, for some reason I thought they Might?!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Seth's 7th Birthday

Oh man have we been partying!!! Seth had his birthday on Wednesday and his party on Thursday. We had lots of fun for both but are exhausted from such a busy week. Seth has now turned 7, I can hardly believe it. Where has the time gone? Gone from breach to bigger than his britches. He seems to be growing like a weed and we can't keep up on food let along clothes. He's already starting to eat up all the food and we can't keep enough in him. But he's such a good kid. Still sensitive to others, still trying to keep up with Damen and be the best at everything he does. When he feels like he can't he gets extremely frustrated with himself and with those he's trying to keep up with. If only we could help him understand that he's playing just as well as they are but he's two years younger. I love his funny personality, his big dark eyes and long lashes, his huge vocabulary and the sensitivity he's gaining every day towards the spirit and spiritual things. He's a good kid and we love him so much and are so glad he chose to be part of our family!

After coming home from swimming on Seth's birthday we made ice cream in a bag
here's the product almost done

here's Damen enjoying his ice cream, Seth's was gone before I got the camera out

Seth got a new bike for his birthday

he wanted pudding pie for his birthday cake

the next day we had his real cake for his birthday party with friends

it was a sports themed party so of course we had to have balls on the cake

here he is opening presents

here they are wanting cake those silly boys thought they could each have a ball to themselves.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beautiful Butterfly

The kids got all excited the other day and were yelling at me to come see this huge butterfly. I took my time thinking by the time I get out there it will be gone butterflies don't stick around especially when there are kids close by. But after Damen kept being insistent I finally went out to look and quickly saw the butterfly on his hand. Knowing my camera was on the counter I ran back in grabbed it and started snapping away then as I was snapping realized that this butterfly wasn't going anywhere. It's wing was broken!! Poor thing and then he just had to tolerate all the kids wanting to hold and touch it. The neighbors were over and had fun looking too the girls would scream if it got closer than they wanted but other than that they were right there looking the whole time. All of them were fascinated with this beautiful, broken, butterfly. I just hope that it had a quick death and didn't have to suffer too long after they finally let it be.

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Temple trip

On Monday for Family Night we went up to Temple Square to see the new exhibit they have on the temple. The also have a replica of the temple and what it looks like on the inside. It was amazing and fun to have the kids be able to see it all. They were most interested in the baptistry since that's where Dad works! After seeing all of that we headed on a tour around the temple grounds, it's fun to go when it's not freezing and dark outside (thus anytime besides Christmas to see the lights)
about to fall in the fountain

Damen posing

Railey ran everywhere she went, so excited to see the next thing

Seth on the temple steps

The kids loved all the fountains, it was enough to drive us nuts especially trying to keep Railey from falling in.

Family picture on the steps

doesn't this picture capture what being an eternal family is all about?

well they are good posers just don't look at the camera

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bailey Reunion 2010

We had a great time at our reunion last weekend. The scenery was beautiful the weather was tolerable and the company great! Here are a few highlights from our fun

Daddy and Kenna by the river

Seth the little dare devil, crossed the river and was holding on to a branch on the bank

swimming suits were forgotten

Pictures were posed for

brothers had fun seeing what they could get the other to do

family pictures taken (I wasn't going to take Kenna across there actually were some bigger rocks with water flowing over and I was afraid I'd slip and go in with her)

beer bottles posed with

dogs tolerated the 2 year olds fun

wii rock band was played all night--oh it's so loud!!!

more wii

here are some shots of the little Olympics we had this was the pong game--you had to bounce the ball into a cup

The Bailey siblings have awful nerves so it was a race to see if they could carry a penny across the porch on a knife. Well Dad figured he would be fancy and carry it in his mouth (truth be told his mouth is probably more steady than his hands)

Crochet relay was crazy

Kate and Railey spent a good amount of time on the teeter-totter. Only problem was it was all ride for Kate and all work for Railey (Railey weighs a lot more)

The boys could be found on the merry-go-round (that thing makes me sick)

water balloons were launched almost all the way to the river (a good distance)

shirts were painted thanks to Aunt Carolyn.
We had a great time and loved seeing everyone again. Thanks for the fun time at the cabin and yes because we slept in our tent trailer it counts as one of our 5 camping times, (see goals on the side)
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Monday, June 14, 2010

A Freezing Project

Last week we got home from Richfield and after having purchased 2o lbs of meat down there I went to put it in my freezer. Well to my surprise I found and ice cycle that was 2 ft long. I thought that was strange so I started feeling around. Everything on top, including the turkey that was dripping blood making the ice cycle was thawed and everything on the bottom was frozen. I was baffled. So we quickly took everything out and found new homes for our food then went to bed dreading the morning and what I was going to have to do to get it fixed.

We I went to work first thing and defrosted our freezer and melted the 2 inches of ice in the bottom and tried to figure out what was wrong. My only guess was that the fan was not working and pushing the cold air up to the top. So I started making phone calls. I knew that it would cost me $75 just to have someone come out and look at it and then the price of the part on top of that. I don't know about anyone else but I don't have money for that right now. So the only option was for me to somehow figure out how to fix it on my own. I figured if repair men can do it with little education so could I since I do have some.

One place quoted me $90 for the part and then I knew I had to fix it I was not going to pay $165+ for this stupid freezer. I finally got a hold of another place and they told me $50-60 that was much better just 15 minutes away instead of 5. So I got in and headed down to Orem. I must say the place was a dump, however the most friendly people in the world! I showed him what I needed and I figured he would come back with the exact part I needed, he did come back and told me that after welding a few things and combining a few parts he would have what I needed , I didn't care as long as my freezer worked. While he did that I talked to one of the men that worked there and he told me all about how the owner himself is all about helping people fix their own problems. They do repair work too but he would rather teach someone how to do it (my kind of people)!!! So about 15 minutes and $45 dollars later I had my part and was headed home. I went down to fix it and realized they had put a part on wrong so I took it all apart and fixed it the right way and was just putting it in when Steve got home.

He said he would take over, but I was not about to let him at this point. I had figured out what was wrong, I had made the calls and got the part, I had disassembled the freezer and by darn I was going to put it back together without any help from him. I am a woman and I can do guys things too! So I did, and can I tell you. I was so proud of myself. The neat thing is, all day long I kept thinking of Grandpa Hoopes and Grandpa Bailey, both do it yourselfers and very knowledgeable when it came to electrical stuff. Whether they were guiding me or just on my mind all day I don't know but I was grateful that I come from a heritage of people who aren't afraid to just go and fix the problem when it needs fixed. I told Steve, "my grandpas would be so proud of me right now." His response was perfect "Heck with your grandpas, I'm proud of you." I loved hearing that and it did feel so good to have accomplished something I wasn't sure I would be able to do when I started.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sewing Again

A couple weeks ago I was talking with my Sister-in-law about her daughters baptism. I asked if she had a dress and she said kind of, but at the time she wasn't sure. So knowing how expensive they are I volunteered to make one. It was so much fun planning it all. We found a site and she picked out a dress she really liked and I had a basic pattern that would make the dress she wanted with just adding a few extras. The next day I went shopping for material and found this beautiful overlay for the dress, and it was on sale which was even better.

I spent the rest of the afternoon cutting the dress out and by bedtime had the dress made. Only the finishing hand work had to be done.

I couldn't find any flowers I like so I made this one for the sash area. I think it turned out kind of cute

And here is the finished product. I love to sew, but a lot of times my sewing is fast simple dresses for Railey and Kenna, so it was fun to take some time and make something so nice and give it a good finished look. I especially like how it turned out and looked on Aubree. Steve took the picture without a flash so it's kinda blurry, but she still is so cute!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trip to Richfield

This past weekend we the temple was closed so we took advantage and got out of town! We headed to Richfield and then on to Loa on Saturday for Aubrees baptism. We had a great time except for the throwing up in the middle of the night by Railey but really it was fun just to get away. Steve took the kids over to Home Depot to make their little craft and the kids thought that was the highlight of all trips. We will definitely be doing that again (thanks Jared for the suggestion). So here are a few pics of our fun. Steve didn't come down until late on Friday night so he's not in any of these (when I got the camera out).

walking to the park with grandma and grandpa, I love how she's looking up at Mom

With Grandpa, it was fun to see her not afraid of him

Damen hitting the ball

Seth hitting the ball

Group picture with Aiden and Tait

Family picture of the kids

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