Saturday, January 22, 2011


While Railey skied the boys were on the sleds. It's fun to watch how much they have grown up. Now they are all about impressing each other with what they dare to do. The would stand up, sit down, lay down, go down backward, go off jumps, go on grass, you name it they did it. They were having so much fun that Railey wanted to quit skiing and go sledding. Even Kenna tried it out!

They boys could get up by themselves but Railey's boots were about 5-6 sizes too big and she couldn't walk in them, so Steve got to carry her up every time.

Always a good smile!

Railey's face right as she go to the bottom of the hill

What? He didn't know why I was calling his name.

Here are some videos. 1-Damen, 2-Seth, 3-Railey, 4-Kenna

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Railey's 1st Skiing Experience

On Martin Luther Day we decided Steve would take the kids skiing. We had Railey all ready to go with her new skis (DI $8) when Steve had the idea to take her over to the church hill, instead of up to the resort. That was the best idea ever! She loved skiing but was done after about 20 minutes and wanted to go sledding with the boys. She did great, as you'll see on the videos. Yeah she's 2 1/2 and skis better than me. Steve keeps telling me if I'm going to learn I better do it with the girls 'cause the boys are already way better and would actually scare me to watch them at this point.

We practiced the pizza before we went over
Her cute double chin poking through her coat (oh she's so excited)

Waiting for dad to pick her up. She couldn't walk the boots were too big

Just getting the skis on and practicing pizza on the snow

there she goes down the hill
Here are a couple of videos of how well she was doing by the end. She's a natural!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kenna's 1st Birthday

Oh where oh where has the past year gone! I honestly can't believe that we had Kenna a year ago. It seriously just seems like I was going to the hospital yesterday. She has grown up so fast. Kenna is our little sober sides but it's been fun to see, even in the past few weeks, how she is developing her little personality and doing funny little things. The other night she was eating soup and every time I would put the spoon up to her mouth she would blow bubbles in the soup. I accidentally laughed the first time, but that only got her and the rest of the family belly laughing at her. It got to the point that she couldn't even blow bubbles, because even when I would start lifting the spoon to her mouth she was laughing so hard. She has the most beautiful smile and laugh. It truly is music in our home.
Kenna has been climbing the stairs for a while now but just in the past two days she has started going down them by herself. I still haven't moved the gate but will as soon as she learns how to turn around ALL the way.
Kenna still isn't interested in food really. She's mainly a veggie girl. Loves broccoli, but her absolute favorite food is asparagus. She doesn't care for fruits but is a true girl in that she loves chocolate and ice cream. If she even sees an ice cream container she crawls as fast as she can towards it.
She's still about 25 lbs. she has been since about 5 months. But she is starting to slim out and even was down to 24 the other day. She loves her sippy cup and has since 9 months, we are now starting to put milk in it but I'm not sure I want to ween her yet, nursing keeps me slimmer (yeah I'm selfish like that).
Oh how we love our Kenna girl. Happy Birthday Princess!

Here's Kenna right after she was born
Here she is now. We took her sledding for her birthday. Well let me rephrase that. We took the kids and then let her have a turn before we left, that's why she isn't appropriately dressed for it. But to our credit it was 55 degrees that day.

While Steve took the boys skiing, Railey and I made Kenna a birthday cake. Word to the wise, never use a Red Velvet cake for a 1st birthday! (or any for that matter until the kids are past 10!)

She didn't quite understand the whole candle thing, but thought it was fascinating.

She is such a dainty eater. Everything is with two fingers. So unlike my other children who had cake all over within seconds of it being placed in front of them

She did this dainty eating for a while (about 5 min worth of pictures) that was until I sat down to eat my cake then I looked over and

She decided that red cake could be lots of fun!

Oh we laughed hard at this little one. It was the soup incident all over again!
Happy Birthday Iris McKenna!!!
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Friday, January 14, 2011

Uhh Mom!

Two things today. I've been wanting to show this cute little dress I made for Railey out of a sweater I got from DI. I loved how it turned out, and better than that--she loves it. Railey always wants to wear her "sweater dress." After making it though, back in the fall, I knew I wanted to get some cute, colorful tights to go with it. I found some at Target and figured they would work since they were a 2T-4T. They did for a bit, or until I washed them then I think they shrunk a little bit. Those darn tights like to slip right on down and pull her little panties with them. Kinda reminds me of when I was pregnant and was dumb enough to buy maternity pantie hose. They don't work they just end up around your knees while you are on your way to Sunday school!

Railey is not afraid of telling me if she has a type of problem. For example she will always come and tell me if she has a "booger problem", that's when she needs her nose blown. She'll tell me of others problems as well, but I laughed hard the other day when she walked up to me with her little tights and skirt on. She lifted her skirt and said, "Mom, I have a crack problem." Sure enough her little tights were right down almost under her little bum showing a full blown vertical smile! I guess that can be a big problem!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Dresses

I will just say this! I have more talent in sewing than in taking pictures! Sad thing is I probably took more time trying to take the stupid pictures then I did sewing the cute outfits. But these are the skirts and sweaters I made for the girls for Christmas. I had an old skirt that I used to make both of their skirts. I wish I could show you the little details, maybe I will just take a picture of the skirt without a child in it. I used the fringe on the bottom of my skirt and just mad that the bottom of their skirts. They have little pleats up top but an elastic waste band in the back. I also made Railey's sweater out of an old sweater of mine. I was going to make one for Kenna and went to DI to get an adult sweater but ended up finding a sweater that was a 3T I figured I could use either the one I made of the one I bought for her but both were too big so I pulled out an old red sweater that she already had 0-3mo. The sleeves were originally rolled up so I just unrolled them and pretend I don't notice how short it is on her. Anywho I love how they turned out and Railey LOVES it. She wants to wear it All. The. Time.!!!

Now if I could learn to focus our camera. I tried really hard to get one of both girls but one of the was always out of focus. I just don't know how photographers capture those perfect pictures. I sure can't. Oh well we will stick to sewing instead!
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