Saturday, November 10, 2012

Damen's Reflection Photo

Damen participated in the Reflection thing at school this year.  We've never done, because personally I didn't need one more thing to occupy my time.  But this year Damen was required to do it for his class.  He knew early on that he had to do it but the project came due when he was due to be out of town, so last minute we had to hurry and get something submitted.  We figured photography would be the easiest thing to do.  So during fall break he went out and took photos these were some of the best that he took


But this was the one that he submitted.  I think he did such an amazing job.  The only problem was I sent it off to Wal-mart to be developed and the print came back very pixelated and we didn't have time or money to do it again.  So we turned it in anyway.  We went to the open house the other night and he was soooo disapointed that he didn't win.  He couldn't believe some of the ones that one and his didn't.  I hate those moments as a mom. I was proud of him but didn't know how to make him feel better.  Finally I told him it was most likely because of the pixelation but who knows.  Either way I was proud of him.  I love the picture!  I love the expression on Railey's face.  The half excited to catch the ball, half freaking out that it's going to hit her in the face.  I thought he got everything in perfect allignment and did a great job.  As I was looking back through the photos, I realized what he had done.  He had Railey just stand there with her hands up in the air like she was ready to catch and then Seth would throw the ball over Damen's head.  It literally took many many shots to get this perfect picture and I as his mom thinks it's perfect.  I' will frame it and hang it on my wall!
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Flag Football

Oh where do I begin?  This has been a very, very, very busy fall for us.  Between having both boys on competition soccer teams and then flag football as well, we literally only had one day a week that we didn't have stuff going on and that was Sunday.  It has now slowed down some and I almost feel lazy but it's a good lazy believe me.  Especially with this pregnancy and not feeling too hot. 

Seth decided early on that he was not going to play football he wanted to focus only on soccer and that was totally ok with us.  We knew he would do great at football but we have to let our kids make some decisions for themselves and I was also fin with not having to add one more practice and game to the mix each week.  Well after going to Steve and Damen's first practice he changed his mind.  He loved it and really wanted to play.  Lucky for us there was a coach in our ward with half the kids his age on the team and they needed one more player, so he joined.  It was so good for him.  With soccer he is actually a substitute, sure he plays about half the game and has improved drastically but when you are put on one of the best teams for this age group they can only start 7 players.  He's always been the best on the team and this has actually been good thing for him to learn but also a hard thing to watch him go through.

But when Seth's coach adopted all of Steve's plays and when Steve became the assistant Seth already knew all the plays and became the best quarterback, receiver, tight end, running back, kicker (he actually kicked it out of the end zone ever time he kicked--he has learned a few things from soccer) and whatever other positions they play in football he dominated.  Lets just say the one game he didn't go to they lost, because he didn't throw all their touchdowns or score all their points or make things happen for the team.  I am just bragging, though I am doing that, but he really was by far the best kid on the team.  It was so good for him to really excel at football, without tons of effort because he was still trying to put most of his effort into soccer.


Of course the girls would always get a hold of the camera during the games and it would keep them entertained for most of it so here are some of at least Kenna

Damen had Steve for a coach.  They did great!  But all my photos of him must be on the phone.  They had several people request Steve for a coach again this year, which helped because many already knew the plays to begin with.  But they dominated every game.  It was so much fun to watch.  Damen has really improved and was actual out there calling the plays half the time, which Steve totally trusted him doing.  He really knows the game well and gets so emotionally involved.  They got to be pretty good friends with one of the refs, and at one of the games he asked if Damen wanted to come and play on his intramural team because he's such a great quarterback.  Boy that boosted his ego a few more notches.  He kept telling Damen that in all his refing he's never seen a quarterback like him, he was quite impressed as were we. 

We only had one game that was so intense and nail biting.  We ended up tieing the game but Damen was still in tears because they hadn't won.  Oh I can hardly wait till they get older and games actually get harder!  We've put them off playing tackle for one more year, fingers crossed, promising them that they will dominate with Seth and Damen on the same team and having Steve as a coach, plus many that have already requested.   

The undefeated team
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Friday, November 9, 2012

First Day of School

The kids were excited for their first day of school.  Damen started at Sego Lily this year and is in 5th grade and in the ALL Program.  He's loving Mrs. Mangun and is glad that he has some of his friends from Eaglecrest.  It's been a great experience for him though there is a TON of homework.  So far he has been able to keep up with it even with everything else we have going on.  Seth is still at Eaglecrest and is in 4th grade.  We were lucky enough to get Miss DeWitt, Damen had her last year.  He's doing so well and loves learning.  Railey even started preschool the same day that the boys started school and though she has had her moments of not wanting to go she loves it once she's there and loves Mrs. Redd.  Kenna and I have fun running back and forth all day long everyday but it gives us our time as well.  Let's just hope the school year keeps going as well as it has so far.