Friday, February 26, 2010

Our Thesbian

Damen had to participate in the storytelling festival at school and this is the story he chose. All we know is that Grandma Ray passed it on to Grandma James who taught it to Steve (who performed it at a talent show when he was in elementary) who has told it to our kids from the time they were little. He ended up adding another verse to make it long enough but with that he tied for first place in his class, so the kids had to vote and he was one vote away from going to the next level, he lost to a girl, but when it's the girl that you really like--it's ok. There are more girls in the class than boys though and we all know at that age you vote for the person that is the same sex as you--duh, thus the reason he lost, we are sure of it!!!! ;)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh Seth!

This picture was taken about 3 years ago but the face and what it says still stands true today. Don't you just see mischief written all over his face. Well today Steve brought home some day old doughnuts and the kids were eating away. I went in and cut one in 4ths and had just 1/4 of it when Seth said, "Did you cut that up?" "Yes I did," I said. "Well good you don't need a whole one cause your kind of fat." I guess the truth hurts. And to think I was feeling so good about how far I have come since having a baby!

A few minutes later Seth comes in and asks Steve, "Dad I have a question for you before you die" We both look at each other and smile, just waiting for what is about to come. "What's your question?" Steve asks. "Why did Heavenly Father send us down here to earth? Was it for some peace and quiet?" What else can you say but, "Yes Seth that must be why"

Friday, February 19, 2010

Railey's smartness

Railey now knows her numbers and her ABCs at only 22 months.

Blue that Stains

For lunch I gave Railey a cupcake left over from the Blue and Gold Banquet last night. I went down to check on her a few minutes later and to wash her hands and noticed she had a lot bigger cupcake then the one I gave her. I gave her a little one and now she had a regular sized one. I asked Steve if he had given it to her and nope she had reached it herself. But in the last picture notice why she needed a new cupcake--the frosting was all gone, on her face I think. ( I at least took her clothes off, but her cheeks and hands still have blue stain)

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One Month Old

Well Kenna is growing fast. One month has already come and now gone. I asked Steve what I have accomplished in a month, cause I don't feel like I have accomplished anything, he said "well you've made her cheeks a lot bigger." Great I'm know for making my kids weigh more. Too bad I'm know for the same thing for myself! She does weigh 12 lbs now so she has gained about 3 1/2 and 2 of those in the last week! I put a picture of when she was born and then some of now so you can see how chubby she is getting.

McKenna a few days old

McKenna at one month

Otherwise known as chubbers to those of us who love her

I think all of her weight is going to her cheeks (those pictured)
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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Railey really wanted some of those Love Nuggets before church on Sunday. Can you see why I told her no? Sad thing is Steve gave her one right when we got home from church and before we changed out of our church clothes. Thank goodness for Spray&Wash, and bleach!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Roger and Cathy gave us a whole front quarter of elk, Momma let us borrow her dehydrator so with all that we made Jerky. The kids came home from school to the smell of it and wanted to taste it cause it smelled so good. A few pieces were already done so they went in for the taste. Damen said, "Mmmm, this is so good it ALMOST tastes like real jerky." (store brand I'm assuming)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic Training

We have loved watching the Olympics. The kids have loved the moguls and the snowboard cross. None of the boys or Steve have cared for the figure skating which means the chanel usually gets changed during that. The thing about the Olympics though is seeing how determined and focused these athletes are for their sport. We watch and look at how defined their bodies are look at how hard they work to get those bodies and that then makes us want to work to get the same results. So we can't miss watching the moguls but during the figure skating everyone gets down and we have family strength training. Or in other words Steve gets down to do a few crunches and everyone else follows.

The sit ups

The bum lifts

Push ups (even in our underware)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine Present

Steve is so romantic!!! He came home from the temple last night completely exhausted but had to tell me about how he had given chocolate truffles to all the women in the baptistry. He got someone else to pass them out so the sisters wouldn't know it was from him (the bro. would say this is from a naked guy with a bow and arrow), but eventually his wife gave it away and started telling everyone it was Steve.

So after telling me that I went to bed and found Hershey's chocolate nugget on my pillow with a note that said "Love nuggets all around. How many nuggets can be found."

I though it was sweet but didn't expect anything else. However in the morning and throughout the day I have found the following notes, with nuggets on them:

On the diaper wipes--I love you as a mother changing baby bums, here's a little nugget Yum Yum Yum!

On my plate of breakfast made by my boys--Love nuggets from all your kids have a special way of saying Happy Valentines Day!

In the diaper bag--Love nugget love nugget in a bag we love you even when your boobs sag.

In microwave--nugget nugget in the oven here's to some real Hot Luvin'!!

On computer playing "keeper of the stars" (our song) when I came in--Roses are red violets are blue love nuggets are yummy this songs for you.

On the toilet--nugget nugget dark and chunky isn't this love nugget in a place that's funky?

On the cake I made for everyone--Love nugget love nugget in a cake, how much love can one girl take?

On my pillow--nugget nugget in your bed may love always give you a soft place to lay your head.

On the seat in the car--love nugget love nugget in the car, you know our love will take us far.

I think there was one more if I find it I'll put it on but didn't he do good? Sure some were funny and maybe not romantic but he and the kids had so much fun doing this and it has made me laugh and even cry at times. I have got such a good husband and good kids, I love them so so much and am glad that I get this day to show them even more than I normally would how much I love them!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Yesterday Kenna was on our bed and I was trying to get some pictures of her in her blessing dress. Railey wanted so bad to get up on our bed as well, but was told numerous times--NO! I could tell she was getting frustrated with me but I didn't want her up there. All of a sudden she goes running out of our room, I knew her little mind was spinning with something. Then a couple minutes later I could hear her struggling down the hall with something. She kept saying "up on bed" and "heby" I figured out what she was doing so I had the camera ready for when she came around the corner into our room. She drug a dining room chair all the way down the hall into our room on our shag carpet. It was heavy for her but that girl is so determined. She knew she wanted up on the bed and mom wasn't going to help her so she thought of a way and then made it happen. I love that about her!

Monday, February 8, 2010

McKenna's Blessing Dress

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9 months, 3 weeks in the planning

Yesterday we blessed McKenna. It was a beautiful day and great to have everyone come and support her and us. We were sad that some family couldn't make it but the house was so full I don't know where we would have put anyone else. We have always done these things in warmer weather, thus being able to send kids outside, but not this time.

Steve puts so much time and preparation into the blessing (Oh I love that man). He stews and frets over it from the day she is born if not from the day she was conceived. But here is some of what she was blessed with (thanks to Amy for writing it down):

*a strong and healthy body
*that the virtues and traits that you developed with Heavenly Father will continue to develop including virtue, beauty, grace, and charity.
*a deep peaceful assurance that Heavenly Father keeps promises... it will sustain and help as you keep the covenants of the preparatory gospel and the everlasting gospel it will have a purifying luminous effect as you walk through the fiery darts of the adversary
* strong determination to do all you were sent to do.
*Gift of optimism and joy through life
*see good in all situations
*example to self and others that all experiences are for our good and bless us in this life.

Here are a few pictures, I forgot to get the camera out until the end so I didn't get to many and then when I did Kenna was mad and hungry (I still need to get one of her in her dress.

Iris McKenna James in her over sized blessing dress, I can never make the right size.

Grandma and Grandpa Bailey with Kenna

Our family

Two very proud brothers

One very hungry girl that's about to fall off or be pushed off the bench by Railey

Thursday, February 4, 2010

This is the Wife

Often times Railey will get in the bath with me in the mornings. We figure it saves on a little water and I usually end up wet if I try and bathe her whether I am in or out of the bath. But there was one time she was in the bath with Steve and every time he would lay back he would say "Ah this is the life." Well she has now caught on and will lay back and say, "this is the wife." It's pretty cute. Well the other day I got Kenna and had her and Railey in the bath with Steve on call to come the second I hollered to get them out. Well Kenna started getting fussy so I decided to feed her. With Railey playing on the other end of the tub as us and Kenna laying in my lap, in the water, and nursing--Railey looked over and said "Kenna, this is the wife." I busted up laughing. When I told Steve, he tended to agree with Railey that Kenna did have quite the life right then.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Taste buds?

Tonight for dinner I tried a new recipe--Chicken Spiedie Sandwiches--they were delicious. Steve and I really loved them but wondered what the kids would think. Well I guess we didn't have to wonder for too long. I had only given Seth half a sandwich and he asked for his other half and then said, "I think I am growing a new taste bud." I didn't know that was something that could be grown but I guess the recipe is a keeper.