Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Ok I think I am now caught up. So we had a fun Halloween this year. We finally got around to carving pumpkins on Saturday night. I was exhausted after canning all day and Steve was gone to the temple but we still had a great time. The kids really do love coming up with the idea even though they usually don't do all the carving by themselves yet. Some but not all! I asked Seth what he was going to do and he said he was going to do a Y with a circle around it and a line crossing it out. Damen was mad because that's what he wanted to do with a U. I told them they couldn't do that because it would end up just being a great big circle cut out of the pumpkin so then this was what they came up with. Seth has a Y with a line through it and Damen has a U with a line through it and Railey wanted something "like a princess". I kept drawing princess faces and she didn't like them (because they didn't have crowns), finally Seth, my creative boy said lets make a castle. That was It! but when I drew it out and put a flag on she got all mad and didn't want the flag. Seth told her though, "Railey you put flags on castles so you know they are home, do you want people to know you are home?" "Yes," she said, "I want a flag." I should let Seth do all my talking with her, he knows how to communicate at her level.

The girls were beautiful princesses, thanks to the neighbors for the costumes. Railey has been so excited to be a princess and to wear make up. She knows she can only wear make up on Halloween so every other day of the year she asks if it's Halloween yet. But don't worry we made sure you could see she had make up on and boy did she know she was Beeautifuuuuuuuuulll!

Even Kenna knew she was beautiful. I am so glad they know this, even when they aren't dressed up in costumes.

See all that makeup!

And of course you have to twirl when you are wearing a princess dress!

We went to the parade at the school and saw the kids. Seth was a vampire. In this picture he's wondering where his teeth are. I did look but couldn't find any at the store that morning.

I think he's still disappointed. But he looks good. He really wanted to be a dead cemetery digger guy, but we didn't have some of the stuff so I threw together a cape from an old skirt and he was quite pleased. He wore it all day Sunday and then again on Monday

Damen was a pirate that we threw together on Sunday as well. He was really happy with his costume, even though you can't see the red sash he has. Until he saw the neighbors Jack Sparrows costume. Oh those people who spend money on costumes. J/K

After a yummy dinner we headed over to Aunt Helens and went to her trunk or Treat and then came home to go trick or treating. It was hilarious though. At the very first house we went to our neighbor told Railey "Oh your a princess, princesses get two candies." I thought that was sweet of her but didn't think anything of it until the next house Railey says, "I'm a princess I get two." Our neighbor thought it was so cute she gave her two while I am on the steps rolling in laughter. I explained to her what had just happened and then tried to explain to Railey that you don't say that but guess what she didn't understand. At most houses she would tell people, "I'm a princess I get two." But considering that's how she is at home most of the time, what do I expect. She is one spoiled princess.

Kenna was cute though at every house she would turn and say, Cane Coo (thank you) in her softest sweetest voice most time they couldn't even hear her but she was saying it.

The boys they stuck with us for a while but then I finally told them to go on ahead and that way they could go to more houses. I think they only went to 3-4 more houses and still beat us home by a while. It was fun and now I have one more added responsibility as a mom. Trying to keep my kids from eating all their candy in one sitting! Part of me just wishes they would eat it all right now and be done so I don't have to keep being the BAD mom! (or being tempted by that darn stuff!)

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bird Feeders

We made bird feeders in Bears a couple weeks ago. I knew the birds would be starting to fly through but I was really skeptical as to whether or not birds would actually use the feeders but I looked out the other morning and they were not only eating from it they were sitting inside it! I had to take pictures since the boys were at school. The girls sure did love watching the birds though.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011


We just brought in the garden. Boy did it produce this year. Some things were great, tomatoes not as much but that ok we'll just shoot for more next year. But considering I brought all this in the day after I picked apples was a little overwhelming to me. My kitchen looked a mess for a solid week. Then we had company over so I had to clean it and now it is back into canning mode, cause I still have more to do tomorrow.

tomatoes, cabage, apples, crenshaw mellons, zucchinni, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, and the strawberries aren't in the picture

Half of my grape juice before it was processed. Oh it's so pretty.

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FHE's in October

We have had a few good fun FHE's this month. One time for out treats we made pudding monsters. While Dad and Damen ran to the store to get the pudding Seth and I made the faces and put them on the cups. The kids thought this was quite the hit. Warning though it takes up a lot of pudding if you are using the cups!

Then we went with the Bradshaws after a day of picking apples, up to Gardners village to see all the witches. We had a great time finding them all. If you find them all and mark down on your papers you can usually go turn them in for a treat. Well this year they decided to start charging for the treats but at a discounted price, we didn't know that till they told us how much and then we just had to pay cause the kids were expecting it. It was worth it though, big chocolate chip cookies! Yum.

Thought this was a cute witch on the pot reading the paper

Here was Steve dancing with the girls

Kenna with her big cookie

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Apples, Apples, Apples, Apples, Apples

Yea maybe you get my point! I am sick of apples. In fact that is why there has been no posting for the past few weeks and I am playing catch up today, because my whole life has consisted of APPLES and other canning and garden things. We came and picked this tree last year and went home with probably 11 bushels of apples, this year probably the same amount. Darci came and helped pick and tuck 4 or 5 home with her and I was left with the rest. Chris and Caralee came and took a few and I have done about 70 qts of applesauce and probably will still do more (still have over a bushel left), 32 qts of pie filling, 10 qts of sliced apples, 10 pints of apple butter, my oven and fruit dryer filled twice to make apple chips, picked up dozens and dozens of apples around the yard and house left from the kids and am still left with over a bushel. But we sure do love to eat it all so that's why we do it. On top of all this canning the same friend gave us grapes so I got 28 qts of juice and then made 10 qts of salsa on Saturday. Yes all of that was done last week and yesturday. Now do you see why I am exhausted and screaming at my kids today. Actually I'm good right now they are downstairs playing with the kids I watch (I don't yell when other kids are over)

Seth was my photographer. He did a great job but I realized I didn't get any of him. Sorry bud maybe next year!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Still picking

Here it is October 26th and this is what we just walked in the house with. Our last picking of Strawberries! It's supposed to freeze tonight.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

UEA Break

We went to Richfield for Fall Break. We were only down there for a short time but we had fun. The boys got to go golfing, go to the skate park, play football with Grandpa, go putting and ride their rip sticks up and down the street for hours. The girls played and played with Grandmas toys and colored and had treats non stop. It was a fun little break, just nice to get away for 2 seconds. Thanks for having us Mom and Dad!

Kate and Railey (they were twins that day--hair the same and everything)

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Damen turns 10!

I still can't believe my baby is 10. Where has all the time gone? I seriously have the best kids in the world and it all started with Damen. He's so responsible and such a huge help to me. I know I never have to worry about the girls when they are outside because he has this natural protective instinct that is always aware of them and for Seth as well. No one messes with his siblings unless it's him (and he will on occasion). Damen is very intelligent and does so well in school. He loves to learn. He also knows the gospel well and surprises us with how much he actually does know. He was asked to bear his testimony in the Primary Program and did such a great job. He talked about a scripture he read to Seth before he was baptized and how when Heavenly Father came down after Christ was baptised and said this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased, that he felt that Heavenly Father was well pleased with him and his choice to be baptized as well. It brought tears to my eyes to see how strong my own sons testimony already is. Damen is close to the spirit and feels things strongly and I hope he keeps listening and learning and growing in those things. We sure do love you bud!

Here are a few pics from the day.

He didn't care what his cake was as long as it was a helmet. Good thing I found a way to do it online!

He came home from school and lets just say "He was well pleased with me"

Kenna felt it her duty to test it before everyone came over to the house for cake and ice cream

He really wanted a rip stick and not just any rip stick he wanted one of the smaller ones. Let's just say they are harder to find and just as expensive, but he sure does a good job on it.

Happy Birthday Damen. We love you!

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