Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh Canada

Damen loves to sing, he has from the time he was little. I remember running around the track pushing him and Seth, singing all sorts of primary songs. When he was two he had the first 5 articles of faith songs memorized and even sang I hope they call me on a mission on a tape to Ben just before he turned two. In other words he loves music. When we got our piano we signed him up for lessons and with the piano suddenly our Hymn book was now out all the time, amazing how that happened. Anyway he started picking it up and singing hymns out of it. His latest though has been to sing the Star Spangled Banner (at the top of his lungs, at 6 in the morning), I feel like I am at scout camp or something to wake up to feeling like my hand should be placed on my heart. Then he memorized all 4 verses and has us quiz him regularly on My country Tis of Thee.

I came home from being down in St. George with all the sisters and Damen had learned a new song. I don't know why but he chose on his own, looked up on the Internet on his own, memorized on his own and now sings on his own--Oh Canada! Yes the Canadian national anthem. From what I understand most Canadians don't even know their own national anthem, but Damen does and he sings it for everyone, as loud as he sings our national anthem. I don't know if it was inspired by the Olympics or what but it has been cute and is starting to not be as cute anymore. J/K We love our Damen and that he loves to sing--now this week he has memorized "Fifty Nifty United States," so we are hearing all 50 states followed by Oh Canada. I'm wondering if he just thinks it's another state. :) No he knows it's not but loves it anyway. Oh our Damen.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Dresses

Growing up Mom would take us to the fabric store a month or so before Easter and we would pick out a patern and some fabric for our dresses. That has always been a tradition that I hoped I would be able to do. Well now that I have a few girls I am doing it!! We tried to make some dresses out of an old skirt without a patern and that didn't go over too well, so finally I just went and splurged and bought a pattern for $3. I am so happy with how the dresses turned out. Here are a few pictures but Railey again wouldn't hold still so I don't have any of here yet. Maybe we will try again later in the week. It was called Sunday after church and no nap, I am not standing still for a picture! But again there were plenty to choose from with our photogenic little Kenna. I especially love the one with Dad and his girls. The boys had already changed their clothes so there aren't any of them yet either.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our Princess

We went down to Richfield this past weekend for a quick trip and to pick up the tiller and while we were there Mom and Dad gave Railey her birthday present. She got princess stuff--gloves, jewelry, slippers and of course a tutu. Here are some of the cute shots we got of her. She is our little princess and has not wanted the stuff off since. In fact she slept with her purse that had her necklace and gloves in it last night.

She's naked cause she just got out of the bath and refused to get clothes before putting her princess stuff on. After a little bit though the tutu was itching so she allowed me to put some clothes on her.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Play date

We had Kate over to play yesterday. The girls had a great time and kept each other entertained most of the time. Here is some of what they did.

Looking at the cell phone

Playing peek-a-boo on either side of the door

Railey laughing at something Kate was doing.

Railey with Kates shoes

Kate with Railey's shoes

Railey took off her shoes and Kate took hers off so she could put Railey's on. Pretty soon Railey grabbed Kates and wanted to put them on. They always want what the other has whether it's sippy cups or shoes.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We woke up to a beautiful day and again promised the kids we would go to the pond to see the ducks. Railey talked about it all day long and kept telling Kenna "Ducks Kenna, Ducks" over and over again. It was really quite cute she wanted Kenna to experience the fun things she had already experienced before. Well we got everything ready and stopped at Subway for some sandwiches and kept going. By the time we got there the wind had picked up and a cold front was moving in. We had barely pulled the sandwiches out of the bags when the kids and Steve already wanted to leave. They had shorts and crocs on and were cold. Kenna didn't like the wind in her face and was hungry so she sat screaming. But I will say this I have never seen the kids eat so fast we were in and out of there in about 10 minutes. We tried it again and failed again. Maybe next time we will actually get to see the ducks Railey keeps telling Kenna about. We are sick of the weather faking us out like this!!!!
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Rough night

Railey had a rough night. Can't you tell!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beautiful Day

We have been having more and more good days lately but haven't made it to the park yet. We told the kids we would go feed the ducks on Friday after school but when there was a blizzard outside when I picked them up that idea fell through. Steve had to work Saturday morning so when he left and went to the temple and the tempertures raised a little we headed off to the park. It was still a little breezy but the kids still had fun and got a little energy out that has been building up all winter.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Space Derby

We just had the Cub Scout Space Derby in our ward. I don't know who was more excited Damen or Steve. As Dad's are, Steve helped out A LOT. I had to keep telling him to let Damen do some things. But Damen was so proud of his "Shark" Rocket. The worked hard on it and it paid off. He won the first race, but it only went half way. The second he didn't win and it still only went half way. He came over pretty upset and started to cry. The funny thing was is during the opening prayer one of the 8 year old scouts prayed that no one would cry if they lost, all the adults started chuckling, but I guess it really was needed. After that though he won two more races and the rocket went all the way to the end (we prayed hard for that). All in all it was fun and "my boys" had fun working on it and racing it. But we are glad it's over.

painting the rocket

all done painting

finished product

ready to race

with his partner Damen (J/K)

The Race
(his is the silver one that goes the furthest)

Can't Hold Still

So as I mentioned in another post Railey can't hold still for anything. Which is fine and I really don't expect my little almost two year old to hold still, in fact I think I would wonder what was wrong if she did but it sure makes taking pictures really hard!

What the wound looks like now.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

My climber

So Railey was out walking on the wall and we thought it was super cute (cause the wasps aren't out yet!), she is our little climber and has been climbing up on everything. We were glad to see her climbing outside instead of up on cupboards that was until...

she fell and cut her chin open then she was crying hysterically.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Two Months Old!

McKenna is now two months old! Holy Cow where has the time gone? She is now up to 14 lbs. I think that's the smallest. All the rest of the kids were at least 15 lbs by two months. She continues to get cuter and the cheeks chubbier. I am starting to see a little bit of Seth in her but not as much as everyone else can see. She continues to sleep through the night thank heavens and she is starting to make little gurgling sounds which is super cute and she is starting to smile all the time. She also loves the song "Beautiful Kenna"and always smiles during that. For some reason she is much better at posing for pictures right now than Railey is (next post). We sure do love her and are so glad she decided to come join us.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Girls Weekend

This past weekend I went with all my sister-in-laws and Mom down to St. George, Darc didn't want to come with being a few weeks away from having a baby and all. We had a great time. We soaked up some sun on Friday and went to dinner and played some games and then went swimming when it was raining on Sat. It was fun to get away and be with everyone and just have some girly conversations. I had to take along Kenna of course and she actually did really well, but got sick of her car seat but did sleep through the night the whole time. We were the party poopers and went to bed earlier than everyone else, I just couldn't keep my eyes open!

All minus Darc

Too cute to not post.

This is how I felt trying to keep my eyes open

But this is what would happen to me a few minutes later

Here's Kenna and Brindee (sp?) playing with each other they kept grabbing each others hands.
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