Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oregon (Part 5)

We headed down to Newport on Wednesday where we had a beach house reserved. I never took any pictures--don't know why. I know Dad did I'll have to get them. Let's just say it was the cheapest place we found for as big a group as we had and it could or should have been bigger for us. Mom and Dad had driven by earlier and then informed us that the place looked like a dive. I was devastated. We had spent so much time looking for places that were within a certain budget and to think that we had wasted Mom and Dad's money (they paid for the place). But once we were able to check in, we noticed that it was pretty decent and would work just fine. The thing was, it was right across the street from the beach, just a 100 steps down. It was perfect because everyone could go and come as they pleased and we weren't waiting around for everyone like we do at most reunions. Here are a few pictures of the fun we had.

We played A LOT on the beach, isn't that why you go. Here's Grandpa, Steve and Damen playing football on the field they drew out. If you look at that hill behind them there are steps over there that climb straight to our place.

I wanted pictures of all the kids to frame so here they are. Railey in her new, had to be bought jacket.

Remember how I said Kenna hated the sand. Well I told you so. She was fine until I set her there and she was fine as soon as I picked her up but she did NOT like the sand.

Here we are down at the docks. We went looking for the seals that we had told everyone about. They are always there barking away. The kids always love watching them for a long long time, but this time they weren't there. Someone told us that they leave in May and come back in August. Those dang things, but it made for a great picture taking place. See that bridge in the back? Steve and I were pretty faithful about keeping up on our running schedule and actually ran up and over and then back to our place, it wasn't too bad, surprisingly.

One of my favorite things about the trip was just seeing the pure joy in my kids eyes. Oh sure there was our share of bickering and arguing mostly in the car but they sure loved the beach and had so much fun building to their hearts content. When they would get tired of that they would run off and play in the freezing water and they even buggy boarded, thanks to the boards Chris' family had.

Seth's posing picture

Damen's posing picture. I think he was remembering the ones we took for Fathers day that's why his head is down with his name.

I did get one of Steve and me but it didn't turn out to well (we were in our suits and the rolls show more than I want to document)

Railey loved collecting shells, it didn't matter if they were broken, beautiful or ugly they were hers.

Ben, Jon, Jared and Steve all went out in the deep water. We thought they looked cold but believed they were having a good time. Pretty soon though we saw how much they were drifting south. Come to find out yes they were drifting but Jared and then Steve got stuck in this really deep spot and could move. They were doggy paddling for all they were worth but couldn't go anywhere. It made them a little nervous there for a little bit but before long we saw them all come out of the water. I have a picture and Steve won't let me post it (again too many rolls--on everyone)

I love this picture of Railey and Grandma

Railey was trying to bury her feet in the water while holding Grandmas hand

The front shot of the two of them.

I had so many cute ones of Railey sorry!

Before we even went and checked into our place we went and bought a kite. The kids and Steve and well everyone spent hours flying kites, it's amazing how mesmerizing and relaxing it can be.

Here's a picture of our beautiful kite.

Damen flying the kite

Even Kenna flew it. She had a death grip on that thing. It's like she new if she let go she would face the music. But she really did love it and since she would not get out of her chair this was something she could do!

The picture of Kenna flying the kite, the kite was only about 8-10 feet out there, so even if she did let go it's not like the kite was going to go anywhere.

We also took a few trips out while there. One of them was to this lighthouse. It is a working lighthouse and while we were waiting for all that were tall enough to come out from their tour a man came running by saying he had been following a wale that was just coming up around the cape. So we ran over and watched and waited and sure enough before long we saw the whale. I think everyone saw it which sure made for a happy Mom.

Here's Railey and Kenna by the lighthouse waiting for them all to come out.

It was a lot of fun to be with everyone at the house. We wish it would have been bigger so we could have had a big gathering area for all the adults to meet at night after the kids were in bed but with kids spread out on the floors that really couldn't happen. We were all able to do our own thing and yet hang out together. We made lots of sand castles and Steve even made a mermaid. it was pretty funny cause as he was shaping the hips and body a family went walking by and commented on how good a job he was doing as he was rubbing and smoothing out the sand. He just responded that he had spent lots of time studying the female body. Ben who was there just started cracking up. I wish I had a picture but I had already gone back. Oh so many memories that can't all be shared.

Two that can though are going to dinner with 27 people, oh that was sure fun. Good thing we went early enough to have us all seated. It was nice to not have to prepare food, or clean up for that night. The next night though we had our seafood spectacular. Steve went and bough shrimp, crab and salmon and we cooked it for everyone along with onion ring and the salmon in two different ways. We were so busy cooking that there were no pictures, but everyone sure enjoyed eating and taking crab cracking lessons from Steve. Someone asked where Steve had learned how to cook all this seafood and someone else responded with, "Oh his Alaska life" which they heard as "Alaska wife." So now the joke is that Bill, his friend in Alaska, is his Alaska Wife cause he teaches him all the good recipes to cook for us while he's up fishing with him.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oregon (Part 4)

We headed down after to 2 nights to Geribaldi and spent a night there. It was just as beautiful but not right on the ocean, and the motel wasn't all that great. But the Tillamook Cheese factory was just right outside of town and so we went there for cheese and ice cream. We did the whole tourist thing and watched how they made chees. Took pictures in all the fun picture taking places and ate yummy expensive ice cream. We did feel bad that Kate got car sick and threw up so she and Nat sat in the car while we toured.

Out in front of the Factory

All the kids in the Cheese van

the way we city people milk cows

Cams first experience with ice cream. Oh how he loved it!

Then Kenna got into all of it

She would jump up and fling her arms out everytime I would try to take her picture. But hey she was happy!

We went out to the Cape Mears light house and here was one of the views from there. Just beautiful!

Here's a couple pictures at the light house

I had to throw one good scenic shot in. I normally don't take pictures unless they have people in them but I couldn't resis this one.

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Oregon (Part 3)

While at Seaside we went and spent a drizzly day down at the beach. I guess if you are going to get wet why not let the rain help things out a bit. So here we are building sand castles. Ben and Kate were there to help.

Only thing that needs to be said here is that Kenna HATED the sand. She did not like to stand in it with shoes let alone without. She would scream and scream. Finally we bought a stroller to sit her in so we could have some fun while she sat.

Obviously Railey didn't feel the same way. She loved it!

Nat and Camden on the other hand didn't care for the wet, or the cold. I eventually walked back to the hotel with her and left everyone to play in the sand. It was too wet and cold for the little ones.

Seth loving the ocean

Damen just as happy to be there

The sand castle being ruined by the incoming tide.

At least she's not crying in this shot. She really did not like it.

Our visit at Seaside was great we loved it there. It was fun to walk up and down the street seeing all the shops and dodging from the rain. Maybe next time we head up there we will see some sunshine and not bee quite so cold.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oregon (Part 2)

After visiting Portland we tried to see a few other things, like the rose gardens, but they were so packed we just kept on driving maybe another time. We then headed north up towards Seaside. It is northern Oregon right on the coast. We had a great hotel, right along a little river and only a couple blocks from the beach. The first day we got there it was beautiful and then after that it rained and rained some more. But while in Oregon you just can't let the weather deter you from doing what you want or you would never do anything. So the next morning after a fun run along the beach, we headed up to Astoria. It is right where the Columbia River meets the Ocean. We were trying to head up to that this tower thing, (I don't remember what it was called or why it was there). I will just say this the road was so steep that we were skidding and afraid we were going to start sliding down backwards. The roads were a little wet but seriously I have never ever seen a street so steep! We finally made it to the top and what a few it was Gorgeous! Just take a look

We did climb the 150+ amount of stairs to the top of this tower thing. It was steep and holding Kenna did not make it fun, until you made it up there and saw even more amazing views!

Everyone in front of the tower thing.

A bridge that crosses the Columbia over into Washington. We crossed so yes the kids can now say they have been in Washington too, (at least for 5 minutes) There favorite part about crossing was stretching their bodies out so they could be in two states at once for a split second if not shorter. It seriously was forever long maybe a couple miles or so.

But it sure was beautiful!

Then we went to the docks. Steve loves to wander the docks. I never knew that about him until this trip. We did it everywhere we went!

Railey at the docks, trying to keep up with everyone.

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