Monday, August 30, 2010

My Little Dancer

My good friend brought over this cute flip skirt for Railey the other day and it fit perfectly. She loves it and loves twirling around in it because it is so poofy. But after Railey took it off and knowing what a little chunky girl Kenna is I was sure it would probably fit her too. It did and once I saw how cute she looked in it, I couldn't resist taking a few pictures. Who knows maybe someday she will be a cute dancer and this picture will come in handy. If not I will just print it off and hang in her room for now! (The skirt is made by Little Adventures--if you want one I could probably get you one but I don't know how much, she just gave it to me cause it was a wrong size--but they have lots of colors)

This dress sure tastes good!

my favorite shot!
Another favorite shot! and yes I know she has a bigger chest than many of you, sorry! but ain't she cute!
"Mom I found my bow, now watch"
"You know how I hate bows mom"
Now I'm off to take pictures of Railey in it!
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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Door Stopper

My Kenna has hit a mile stone in her life today. Yes she is the 4th of my children to discover it but she discovered it all on her own and was just as fascinated with it as the other 3 children were. What is it she discovered you may ask? The door stopper that wiggles and makes noise. Yes! I really am excited. Do you know how many hours a child can be entertained by one of these things. If you don't have one they are worth investing in!!!!

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Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm a Keeper!

Steve brought back gifts for everyone from Alaska. The boys got hats and Railey got this cute "I'm a Keeper!" shirt. She loves it! The other day she was wearing it and I started tickling her. She started saying "tickle my Salmon," so now with or without the shirt on we will "tickle her salmon" and listen to her giggle and giggle for minutes on end!

I love all these pictures I got of her, they all show a different part of her cute personality and cute facial expressions.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School 2010

The kids were excited and ready to go this morning. Damen has Mrs. Evans and Seth has Mrs. Covington. It's always fun, and a little nerve wracking meeting your teachers and wondering if you are going to have any friends in your class, but I'm sure the kids will do great. They are such great kids anyway, how can they not do great!

I think the following pictures tell the real story. Seth a goof and Damen laughing at them and Dad excited or at least pretending to be.

Yes Railey cried for the next 30 minutes after the boys left! It didn't help that Dad, whose been home the last few days, went to work today too.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Buff Boy

While taking a quite peacful nap on Sunday afternoon, I awoke to Seth making LOTS of noise with a plastic bag. Later when I came out of the room Seth had made holes for his legs to go through and then had his arms through the handles. Thankfully he listened and put shorts on. He came running upstairs and said "Fear not, it is I, Mr. Buff Boy." (He had just given a talk in church on Christ walking on the water hence the "fear not, it is I")

Yes Seth, those arms are worth kissing. ;)
I love the tough face!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh what do you do in the summer time?

This is what we have been doing ALL summer! We got a "free pass" as the kids put it (you don't have to pay, or so they think) to the outdoor pool and have spent 2-4 days a week down there swimming. We definitely got our moneys worth this year. The kids love the diving boards, the slide, the basketball hoop (new this year) as well as playing with diving toys and teasing Railey. They have all learned something new this year as well which has been fun to see their excitement in the learning game. I love seeing joy in my kids eyes!

Seth loves to do cannon balls. I guess the slap of water hitting your backside is pleasurable??
Seth learned to do back flips. This is him going to do it then last second just jumping in.

Railey being my little fish

Seth getting ready to go off the high dive. He loves it!

Damen learned how to float this year and loves experimenting with holding his breath vs. letting it out.

Railey learned to go under water by "myseowp"

I told you there was joy at the pool

Railey coming out of the water. I kept trying to get the perfect picture of what her face looks like on most times out of the water. You know that pure happiness, I did it look all while laughing and giggling. Well it wasn't happening the day I took the camera, so this was the best I got!

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Feeeesh (as Bill puts it)

The last two days, the fish haven't been biting as much. One day they went in the middle of the day yesterday they went late at night didn't get back till midnight our time. So they decided to go a little earlier, actually in the morning, this time around. Looks like it proved to be a good plan. He keeps telling me of eating "fish bellies" and how even as I write they are smoking some salmon and I will love it because it's not as salty (I'm not a huge smoked salmon fan). I just love how happy he looks in the pictures. I have always loved his smile, especially when it's as big as it is in this picture. Dang I miss him! Can't wait for you to come home!!!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

While the Cats Away the Mice will Play

Steve has been gone since Sunday night. All of us miss him A LOT! I have tried to keep the kids entertained to just take their minds off of it. I keep telling them "well Dad would just be at work now anyway so stop thinking about it." But it's not working for them or me. But we are staying busy.

On Monday we went and did all the school shopping. Just call me nutso mom, because yes I took the girls with me. What was I thinking? But it's all done. I decided to do it all in a day so I wouldn't be an awful Mom for 2 different days.

On Tuesday I took the kids swimming. It was a milestone day at the pool. (I've wished so many times this week that I had my camera, but we sent it with Steve) Seth started doing flips off the diving board. Back flips are his specialty. He also does a thing he calls a "come together" (I don't know where that name came from) "basically Mom it's a cartwheel and a flip in one." "Seth they already have a name for that, it's called an aerial." However he tries to do dives and just can't. Who would have thought that a dive would be harder than a flip. I always thought I was just too chicken to do flips, but I can do a great dive. I've had it backwards this whole time.

Railey is now going under the water "by myseowf" She just bounces up and down all over in the water until she goes under. I will get a picture of her face coming up out of the water when Steve comes back, because it is priceless. It's a "I'm so proud of myself, I love the water, I'm big, I'm beautiful and cute and everything else" all in one little smiling look. It's priceless.

Damen started floating on his back and was pretty proud of himself for doing that. He loves diving for things in the pool but doesn't care much for going off the diving board. He says his legs always come open and it "really hurts my privates." Poor kid, we got to keep those legs together.

On Wednesday we went swimming again and also went and picked from the garden. Lots and lots of corn, green beans, couple squash, tons of peppers and my whole colander full of strawberries!

We do have great kids and I really am glad they miss their Dad it shows how important he is to them. They love him because he shows them love and shows them that they are the most important thing in his life. I know because he does the same with me. He deserves this break but we sure are looking forward to him coming home on Sunday. They look forward to skyping him every morning, though not much is said and the mic is fought over they can't wait to see him and ask if he has bought their presents yet and how big the fish were from the day before. Today Seth even made a sign to show on the video camera it said "The wrld's gratest Dad" and "I love You."

If you do end up reading this Steve we are really looking forward to you coming home but hope you have loads of fun while you're there!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Alaska living off the land is so rough. Steve with his plate of breaded salmon. (Yuuuummmmm)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Silver

Steve went up to Alaska for the week to spend some time with a friend of his and of his Dad's. The kids miss him terribly, and if truth be known so do I. We skyped him earlier this morning and oh that was an adventure. Railey thought she needed to put the microphone in her mouth as she talked and all the kids wanted to be the main one on screen so they were pushing each other out of the way, but it was fun to see and talk to him. Hopefully tomorrow it goes a little better. We just got an email of this picture it sure helps the kids when he sends home pictures. Especially knowing that he caught 3 of these today! Oh I need to go clean out the freezer now!

We've been reunionited- Part 2

We headed off to discovery park on Saturday afternoon to have our lunch after heading down the canyon. I didn't think I had ever been there but Mom and Dad informed us that we used to come all the time. Why don't I remember this fun park? Oh well I'm just glad I know about if for my kids.

Railey and Kate on a rock

Damen "falling in the water" while watching the ducks. Boy he stunk after!

We played on the playground and I think Bri won for the most static funny hair

After the park we headed back to Chris' for pizza and a rousing game of "Noodle Hockey." The kids and adults had a blast. I wish Kenna would have let me play a bit.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Reunionited-Part 1

So this year for reunion we stuck around close to home. But ya know I have decided it's just as fun all you really want to do is spend time with each other, so it was great fun. Jon and Brooke did a great job planning and organizing the fun. We started off Thursday night with a BBQ and then a little program which the rain eventually took inside and didn't allow for the Marshmallows to be roasted. But it was good. Chris and Caralee's family did a skit on how Jon wanted to charge everyone by how much more they weighed at the end of reunion, Damen sang "Oh Canada"....

Grandpa did his magic show

But when the rain and lightning came the camping came indoors. Yes, we had 3 tents set up in the basement!

Friday we got together and went swimming at the way fun Lindon pool then headed up to Mikes wedding reception (no pictures I didn't want my camera to get wet or bother keeping it hidden so someone wouldn't still it.)

Saturday we went up to Cascade Springs. We had a great time. It's so pretty up the canyon.

All the boy cousins

All the girl cousins (too many little ones so moms got to sit in too--Kendall couldn't hold them all)

The ones who started it all

Steve hauling Railey around

Damen playing in the water
More to come in another post! (it's giving me problems downloading all the pictures)