Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blessing Dresses

I was trying to finish Kenna's Blessing Dress up the other day, when Seth brought out Railey's. We decided to try it on her and see if it would still fit. Guess what--it did. A dress that fits from 3 weeks old to almost 2 years old, not bad! I was wanting to find a white dress so I could get the kids pictures taken with them all in white but it looks like I don't have to now.

The arms are getting a little tight but it's not too bad.

We still have about 4 inches on the bottom before you can see her feet.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Playing in a Winter Wonderland

So on Saturday after Steve had gone to the temple I took the kids sledding. Now I had a friend freak out when I told her that we were going she couldn't believe I was taking a new baby out sledding. Don't worry, I didn't. We went to Ben and Nat's they have a big hill in their back yard. While the kids were out with Ben, I was inside with the babe. I got some of all the kids but realized that I don't have any of just Damen. Why is that because he was being the big brother that he is and helping Railey or Kate the entire time.

Yes the hat Grandma made for Railey is just a little big but will fit perfectly next year.
You can see it but if only you could have heard the giggles associated with this picture.

There goes Seth flying down the hill.

Trying to peek out from under her "Strawberry Shortcake" hat.

And one more of Railey--it was her first time ever playing in the snow, so you know I had to take a lot of pictures of her.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I did it!

I started walking again on Monday. The only reason I didn't start earlier was because Mom was here with us and I don't think she would have let me or she would have really frowned on it. So I started Monday. It felt so good! Even though I ran through 7 months and walked up until about 2 weeks, my body was craving exercise again. So then yesterday I was down walking and thought what the hey lets just see if I can run. I did and it felt great. I ended up running a whole mile. Then I was excited to go and do it again today. The only problem with running right after having a baby though is your boobs hurt! I mean real bad! So I have this thing down where I prop one on the arm and hold onto the other one with the same hand. It seems to be working and it doesn't hurt near as bad. I wonder though if a good bra would do the same trick. Oh well an arm is free and a bra isn't. There you go sorry if that's too much info but like I said this blog is for me and your welcome to read if you want but no one is making you. I am just being honest.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Photo shoot

So after sacrement meeting on Sunday Kenna and I came home and had a little photo shoot. Here's what we got (I know the lighting isn't great--I'll have to work on that one)

This is one we took so Steve could show her off to all of his friends up at the temple.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shooting Hoops

The boys have been playing basketball the past few weeks. This year has been so much fun to watch them. Last year not so much. This year they are both very aggressive and are scoring more in one game than they did all season last year. Here are some videos Steve took of both of them since I stayed home with Railey and Kenna.

Seth making a basket (#4)

Damen making a basket on a fast break(#5)


Well after coming home from the hospital on Monday morning, Steve needed to run and grab a few groceries from the store. Seth came walking in with him when they got back with these in his hands. "Look Mom, Iris' they are because of Iris McKenna James." I have such an amazing, sentimental husband and he is teaching his kids to be just like him!

They are also getting me excited for spring!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Kenna

All the kids are fighting over Kenna. They all want their turn so we literally are setting a clock and not going a second over their time. Damen wants her all the time which is cute. He could sit there forever just holding her. Seth wants her for a little bit at a time but then often and Railey just wants her and especially cause everyone else wants her. Steve and Grandma aren't really getting any turns and the turns I get are because she wants food.

It has been a little cute and frustrating to say the least. But this morning it all made up for it when Railey was holding her. She always calls her "Baby" She knows her name is Kenna but will never say McKenna. This morning while holding her she kept saying "Ma"Kenna. We were so proud of her and thought "Oh yes she's finally getting it". That was until we realized that she was saying "My" Kenna, no one else is allowed to touch her when Railey has her.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Iris McKenna James

Well we were scheduled to be induced on Sunday morning but around 3 in the morning I started to have contractions and by 5 they were about 5 minutes apart so I woke Steve up and we headed in to Provo. We got hooked up to the epidural as fast as they would do it and then everything was wonderful. We sat and talked and laughed and felt NO pain! An hour later our doctor came in said I was now at an 8 and he broke my water and within 45 minutes I was pushing out our little McKenna. She is definitely our smallest in weight and height. Born at 9:10 am 8 lbs, 7 oz and 20 inches long. We are still shocked by how dark her hair is especially after looking at Railey all the time. Here are some pictures of our little one and the family who loves her lots!

Proud new papa!

Wide eyed McKenna

Lots of dark hair

Her close up

Dad and his 2 girls

Damen and McKenna

Seth and McKenna

Railey and McKenna

Saturday, January 16, 2010

We're Ready!!!

We are ready! Well the house is in order and the laundry done (for now). So ready or not here she comes. Well here I am 9 months pregnant and ready to deliver. Since I don't seem to want to go on my own or maybe it's more I'm not patient enough to go on my own, we go in tomorrow to have a baby. This pregnancy has been so good, no morning sickness really. I was able to run until 7 1/2 months then kept walking until a week or so ago. I have just felt so good this time around. Thank heavens! So here are the befores and I know the afters will be amazing, I'm not just talking about me. J/K. We did finally decide on a name but we will let you all know that tomorrow!!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Boys Showing Their Mom Up

Steve took the boys up skiing yesterday and they did great! They have already surpassed me that's for sure. Steve says it is now too late for me to learn they are already better! Seth is Mr. Go after it and Damen is Mr. Cautious. Seth bonsai's down the hill Damen takes his time. This isn't just in skiing but in everything. It's fun to see their different personalities play out even in something like skiing.

This one is Seth going down.

Here is Damen

Webelos Workshop

Well Steve has been busy trying to help the Webelos boys earn their craftsman. What does that mean? Well lots of work for him and little work for the boys since they really aren't allowed to use any tools. They decided to make rubber band guns. Here's a look:

The final product even with a place to store extra rubber bands!
All 13 that he made!

Webelos Workshop in the process and also proving to Dad that we do use the tools that he gives us at Christmas. We sure do appreciate them and they are nice to have when we need them. Thanks!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The New Year

I've really been struggling to come up with New Year Resolutions this year. Normally Steve will make one for me and I make one for him. I keep mine he doesn't so we opted out on that one this year. I did so good last year with running at least a mile a day well until about 1 month ago when it has been getting so hard to do it being pregnant. I want to do that again but, think I will start in February after this baby comes. I've been trying but it just hurts and doesn't get me excited right now.

There are lots of things I want to improve in my life, in my marriage, with my kids, but I feel like I am putting them all off just wanting this girl to get here. My main goal right now finding a name for this girl. We have no idea. We've known with our other kids but not her. Steve says she is being stubborn. So my goals for now, or at least the next two weeks are: Name for baby, finish baby blanket, wash baby clothes, plan lesson for Sunday out of new Gospel Principles book (only 2 pages of help) and try to forget about the contractions that keep coming, cause I know she still won't be here for a bit.

Overall I want to start documenting our life on this blog posting pictures of our kids and their lives and remembering all those cute times. For example:

I know it's kind of blurry as are many of my pictures but I love how Railey is looking at Seth. She absolutely adores him and wants to be around him all the time. Seth loves being with her too but does get frustrated with her every now and again. I love that they are good friends.

I love this picture! Steve and Railey got out of the shower one day and came walking down the hall to show me they were all wrapped up in their towels. She thought it was so neat. The cute thing was--it was a hand towel. She was mad that she finally had to get dressed. Can't you tell she loved it.

Then there was Damen's first piano recital. See my fuzzy pictures again. But it was the only one I had. He played Jingle bells and then did a duet with Jake Hansen, Oh come all ye faithful. He kept going in circles with Jingle bells and couldn't move on to the end. I felt so bad for him but couldn't help remembering when I had done the same thing as a kid. Oh the memories.
Here's to hoping for a great year. I am optimistic and know that God will bless us I just want to be fearless in going about and conquering life yet encouraging to those who are also trying to do the same.