Friday, December 31, 2010

I'll eat that!

Kenna's been sick the past week with a fever, runny nose, cough--the works. I hate seeing my kids sick! That is the worst thing for me as their mother. Especially knowing there's really nothing I can do but wait it out! Well with her being sick she hasn't eaten anything, she will only nurse. But we have discovered something that she will eat. Steve brought home some suckers the other day. She loved it! In fact when we tried to take the stick away she screamed for a long time. When Railey went in her room with a sucker and Kenna woke up to see her there she screamed wanting that sucker. Well knowing how much she loved those we tried a candy cane. Those are right up there with suckers! So she won't eat any food but she will have suckers and candy canes. We caught a few good pictures.
Also of note today Kenna took her first step and eventually 5 all together. What! She won't even walk along furniture but she will stand up in the middle of the floor and now is taking a few steps? Who gave her permission to grow up? It definitely wasn't me!!!!!

Now you have the proof that Kenna will smile but only on her terms and it helps to have a treat in her hand!
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cul-de-sac Hill

We got some snow yesterday. It was a wet heavy snow, perfect for snow men, snow balls and cul-de-sac hills. Steve told the kids he was going out to pile up the snow and they ran to get their stuff on. All winter long they have been telling their new neighbors that they build a hill every year. I guess they were starting to feel like fibbers or something but it takes a lot of snow to build a big hill (I guess they didn't understand that part). And yes if you build it they will come is a true statement. All neighborhood kids flocked to the hill as the afternoon went on. Too bad the stupid snow plow cut it in half this morning. We don't understand those drivers!

Railey and her mismatched outfit. (throw together anything you can find left in the snow box)
building the pile

playing and figuring out which side to put the slide

builder of the slide. He also went and scraped out a few driveways, which made neighbors feel like they should bring us some warm, right out of the oven, yummy bread! He can go shovel any time.

King of the hill. (Damen)
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas morning I woke up and went in to cuddle the boys until 6:30. They were not allowed to get up until then. Even with that we had to wake up Railey and Kenna then woke up about 7:00. The kids were so excited they could hardly stand it! But we made them wait for Grandma and Grandpa to come up and have prayer with us before we headed out. I'll put a video at the bottom of their excited surprise to find a wii for the boys and a coloring box for Railey. Aunt Helen soon showed up and we opened the rest of the few remaining gifts that there were.

Damen got an Eli Manning jersey (yes it's a little big but the only size they had left). His arms are funny so you can see NY. I have to be mean and yank it off so I can wash it. He does not want to take it off.
Seth got Lego Atlantis from Damen

Railey got some dolls to go with a doll house

Kenna got some little noise maker toy from Railey. I think Railey likes it more than Kenna.

This is the note the kids left the night before. Dear Santa, How are you? Do you have an elf named Lolly? Hope your well. See you next Christmas. Seth. PS. I Believe.
Dar Santa, Are you real. My Dad has been teasing my siblings and I. Damen

This is what Santa wrote back to Seth. Seth- You remind me of me. HO Ho Ho (make your own gifts and amazing memories. Lolly says Hi) Thank You. Merry Christmas. Mr. C P.S. Lolly is still in tears because somebody remembers him. I couldn't do Christmas without all the elfs.

Damen-I'm as real as your Dad! Ho Ho Ho. Thank you for believing. show your belief by giving to others. Love, Mr. C P.S. Tell your dad to look in your moms stocking. Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas.
Damen and Steve went and looked in my stocking and found $1000. See the night before Steve was teasing the kids that he was Santa and they just weren't falling for it. So Steve finally says if you really believe you think of something that I couldn't ever get for your Mom and we'll see if it's there in the morning. They thought long and hard and finally Damen said "$1000" you definitely don't have that much money." Which he's right. So I guess the kids are right and Santa does exist because it was in my stocking in the morning, then quickly put away!
Railey and Iris McKenna-Merry Christmas to the cutest girls I know!!! Don't tell Mrs. C. I said that. HO HO HO. Love, Santa
The kids sure do love getting their little notes from Santa Clause even more than they love writing them!

The girls sure have loved playing with the doll house.

Seth has loved his Lego's

Damen has loved working puzzles

and yes the boys have loved the doll house just as much as the girls. This hasn't been the only time they have been caught playing with it.

Railey got skates from Seth and sure does love skating around!

Well it's been a Merry Christmas here. We truly have been blessed in many ways. Just look at our amazing Kids!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Christmas Eve we went to have a little James Party. Dinner was great. We listened to a tape that Daddy made back in '86. Though the grand kids couldn't understand it very well and were a little bored all the kids, and/or siblings, quite enjoyed listening to Daddy and being reminded of his voice and some of the funny things he did or said. It was fun to watch all their faces as they listened. We sang a few carols and then headed home to watch and listen for Santa to come. The kids got some new PJ's that I made, put them on wrote their note put out their cookies and milk, checked Santa tracker, looked out the window so many times we finally opened the blinds for the night and head off to dream land. It really was a fun day!

I know it's blurry but it was the best on with all smiling

No Railey is not about to throw up, though it looks like it, she is just coughing.

The boys in their new PJ bottoms

The girls in their new jammies.
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Bailey Party

We had a little get together with the Bailey's on Christmas Eve. It was fun to be with everyone (missed Jon and Darc). We had some yummy food, opened a few gifts and acted out the nativity. What more can you ask for in a Christmas Eve party?

Here's the kids eating, or should I say trying to act cool?

Taken literally one second before Railey dumped her full glass of Root Beer

Mom was tying Steve up, Oh I mean trying to help him get dressed in his costume that had a wrap a mile long.

Here's Kate and Seth posing for the camera, they were two of our Shepherds

I don't know what it is about Seth trying to act cool in every picture but he sure is COOL along with pleasant smile Damen

My Three Boys. No that's not strong drink in Steve's hand that's STRONG cologne

Our Mary and Joseph. It was about this time that Railey started to show that she wasn't feeling too hot. I think she had a head cold. But she was sure proud to play Mary.

All Mine

I tried to help Railey understand that she was Mary and I gave her a doll to hold and told her it was Baby Jesus. It was quite humbling to see her reaction and how careful and loving she was toward that baby. I mean she loves her a doll and all but this was different. I know she understood in her own small way that she was playing an important part.

Here's Kate and Railey sporting their outfits (they sure were proud of them almost as much as their parents were of them)

Oh she could have played an angel just as well as Mary

Raileys head thing kept falling off. I love this picture cause it shows Grandma Bailey (almost 90) trying her best with her shaking hands trying to help Railey get ready again. I wanted to step in and help but was too moved to do anything except take a picture.

Here comes Mary and Joseph on Carson, the donkey.

Here's Kenna playing with the nasty cologne (I had to get at least one picture of her). Then that was all the pictures because Railey was done. I don't think she felt too well and she didn't want to sit up there with Damen holding the doll. So I went up and held her while she held Jesus and while Joseph sat next to her. As Grandpa continued to read the story I was moved. In my heart I was feeling so much. I have now given birth 4 times one of which was the little girl on my lap. How grateful I was that My Mom was able to come and be there with me. Though not in the labor room but shortly after and then there to help me recover with each of my kids. I was taken to the time when Mary delivered, I'm sure she had planned on sharing that experience with her Mom and I'm sure her mom looked forward to being there and taking care of her own daughter and helping her through the process of giving birth. But she was unable to be there. God had a different plan. All her worrying mother could do was pray for her, pray that all would go well. When Railey was scared of being up in front of everyone I was able to go and hold her until the pageant was over but I won't always be able to do that. I know there will be times that all I will be able to do is pray for her and pray that she will feel love and comfort.
A couple weeks ago I was expressing some frustration to my own mom in regards to some things we have been experiencing. I was brought to tears as she told me they wished they could help but that they had been praying for us. I know the prayers of others and many sent up from us have helped get us through some hard times. I definitely am grateful for the prayers of parents and hope that I can teach my kids and help them to see, hear, and know that their parents are always praying for them so that when we can't be there they will automatically know we are on our knees praying for them.
But I am grateful that so far God's plan has allowed my Mom to be there when we have had our kids. It almost wasn't so last year when we had Kenna, but how grateful I am this Christmas Season for that!
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Friday, December 24, 2010

Grandmas Present

Well it's done. I've officially finished Grandma James' present. This truly is one of the favorite presents we've given. We gave one to my parents last year and then made one for Momma this year. I traced all of our hands and made a Christmas tree out of them. Last year when we were trying to come up with a saying to stitch on the wall hanging Steve ended up writing this poem instead. Read it--it's good. What are your hands about? Are they doing good? I hope mine are.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Milk and Cookies

The kids were out of school a whole week early. What did that mean? Mom had to come up with things for the kids to do everyday. One of the days we made sugar cookies "cause it's a tradition." We "have" to give these neatly decorated cookies to Santa every year so of course we have to make them. The kids did have a great time and for once I really did enjoy it. A lot of times I plan to give them to neighbors and get frustrated that they aren't decorated just perfect (so we don't give them away). But this year I LET IT GO! I let the kids have at it and it was FUN.

My little perfectionist

This was another reason why I quickly tossed the idea of giving them away out the door.

So intent! But you should have seen her once she got a hold of the red frosting. I knew Railey had only had one cookie but I didn't realize how much red frosting she had eaten until I wiped her bum the next morning. Yes it was fluorescent PINK!

The beautiful cookies!
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