Thursday, January 19, 2012

Making the Beautiful more Beautiful

Railey LOVES makeup. The boys gave her some for her birthday last year and she uses it regularly. Every Sunday she has to put on her lip gloss before church and her nails always have to be painted. This love of makeup is now being passed on to Kenna (Railey is determined). The other day I found Railey putting her lipstick on Kenna. It was too cute to not grab the camera and snap away. Here you go. Notice the gentle arm reaching out and holding her head still. I Love It!

The finished product. She's licking it off because it's the kind of lipstick that's flavored. Railey kept getting so upset that she would lick it off and so she had to keep reapplying it.
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Kenna!

It's Kenna's birthday today! She is now 2. I can hardly believe it. In so many ways I feel like she is so much older. I was looking to throw together a collage of pictures from when she was a baby just had to laugh at all the pictures. She has so many different Kenna faces. Most of them are somber, where she will refuse to smile for the camera but every now and again I get the cute Kenna smile that we as a family know. But then as you see below there are definitely some where she isn't too happy (I tried not to put to many in). But Kenna is Kenna and we love her.

I love how her hair is coming in curly, although it is coming in really really slow. I still love it. I have always thought that she looked so much like Seth. Everyone has always thought that but the other day David told me she looked like my mom. I just laughed and said really thinking he was crazy (although there is one picture of me at this age that we really look alike), but the other day I came across a picture of Mom at about the same age and had to smile. I immediately went and got Kenna and told her to look (she loves pointing out her pictures and saying "Enna" whenever she sees them. Well that's exactly what she did, even she thought it was a picture of herself.
She has the darkest, biggest, brightest eyes that can either shine or glare at you. She's just like her dad in that her face is very expressive. She is not afraid to let you know how she feels about something. She is a little chatter box here at home but quiet as a mouse in nursery (notice I didn't say sacrament mtg.). She knows all of her colors and can even count to 10 if you get her on a good day. She loves to sing twinkle, twinkle and calls everyone a doo, doo head. We keep telling her to use nice words like cute head and pretty, or handsome, or funny head but the other day she came back with a stupid head and a weinny head. Oh when will this pass? She is starting to thin out some but it still solid and just so darn cute. I have a picture of her in a leotard dancing and doing somersaults all while singing Twinkle. It's so stinkin cute. She loves her brothers and Railey and gives them hugs and kisses but not too generously only when she really feels the love. Oh we love having her in our family.

Steve called earlier and asked if I was glad that we had her. Of course I said. How about you. He quietly, yet a jokingly said well I almost killed her once and luckily that didn't happen. Oh we are so grateful that didn't happen. We love this girl to pieces and those cheeks, there's never ever been anything on earth so nice to nibble and smooch on for such a long time (the rest of my kids had lost their cheeks by now).
We celebrated Kenna's birthday yesturday since Steve was supposed to work today. Last night we skyped Mom and Dad so they could see her open her present from them. It was fun that they could be a part of it.

She got clothes from them and princess stuff from us (shoes, tiara and necklaces)

As I said earlier she know her colors. We kept asking her what kind of cake she wanted like a butterfly or a flower and all she would say was a brown cake. So that's what she got, plus some princess tiara cupcakes.

She keeps putting the crown on upside down. I think it doesn't hurt her head as bad. Either way it's cute!

Happy 2nd Birthday Kenna. We love you!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

UVU Game

The kids got tickets to go and see a UVU game from the school. They were so excited so they gave Steve the tickets for Christmas. If you give them as a gift they are bound to go right? Steve was able to get off work a little earlier on that night and I met him down in Orem and passed the boys over to him. I got to deal with screaming girls the rest of the way home. But the boys had a great time. They especially liked the fact that they could take pictures of themselves at the game due to the really small camera we got for Christmas. Here's a few pics of the boys. Even though the team lost they still had a great time with their Dad.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


As everyone in Utah and now around the country knows we have no snow. Steve has been wanting to take the kids skiing but when there is no snow it makes it a little rocky. But the resorts are doing their best and keep making it so over the break Steve took the kids up for half the day and let them ride the free lifts. He got a few photos and a few videos of them. I don't think this free thing is going to last past this year if that. Damen already went with the school and tried out other runs and loved it. Steve says they are ready to move on but are we ready for the bill that comes with that? I'm not sure!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Eve

We had a fun little New Years Eve party with Darc and Jared and their kids. They came over for dinner and then we had a Wii night. I think every one had a fun time. Here's a few pictures of the night

We had decided to watch the ball drop at 10 and then they would go home and all of us would put our kids to bed. Well we missed the actually ball drop by about 30 seconds but they still left shortly after that. Everyone in our family went to bed except Damen. He was bound and determined to stay awake until midnight. He brought a blanket and pillow out onto the couch and was watching some concert on TV. I came and checked on him at 11:30 and he was still awake but he mentioned that he was getting really tired. Well at midnight the fireworks woke me up so I grabbed Seth who was in bed with us and took him down to bed. He was so excited that he "stayed up till 12" (whatever some things just aren't worth arguing about). When we got downstairs Damen was out and was not waking up. Poor thing he missed it all. At least Seth heard and saw a few fireworks. Damen said in the morning that he last looked at his watch at 11:50. It looks like one of us will have to stay awake with him next year! I will tell you this it sure was hard for the kids to get up bright and early for 9 o'clock church but we still made it on time with 20 minutes to spare! We are looking forward to a new year and new resolutions to help us improve. Happy New Year!
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