Sunday, January 24, 2016


For Christmas we gave Ben and Nat a night get away up at the Little America.  We told them we would watch their kids.  Our kids were so excited to have them come over for the night.  It went pretty well.  Saydee was a little stinker but other than that everything was great!  They are such good kids.  It also helps that everyone has a buddy their own age!

The kids were hungry so Steve pulled out the Summer Sausage and the kids all tanked down!  It still amazes me that people like that stuff.

Here they all are set up for the night.  Cams on the couch and Kenna, Railey and Kate are on the cots.  Even though they "went to bed at 8"  The didn't go to sleep until 10.  And even with that late night they woke up at 5:30.  Those darn kiddos!!!

Jade and Saydee in trying to go to sleep but in reality all they did was play peek a boo and jump on beds until we separated them and then they were out in 2 minutes and then put back in the room together after they were asleep!

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